Does Russia need a separate monkeypox vaccine?

Chief Researcher at the Center Gamaleya Anatoly Altshtein told whether Russia needs a separate

a vaccine against the new monkeypox, whose diseases are beginning to gain momentum around the world. Discuss

He recalled that until 1980 the country's population was vaccinated against smallpox. Therefore, people who were born before this year, in theory, should have some level of protection against monkeypox.

In addition, according to the virologist, vaccination againstsmallpox is unlikely to be needed, because such a rapid epidemic growth of the disease should not be. However, if the situation gets worse, then we have something to vaccinate people with, the expert summed up.

Earlier, the chief medical consultant of the British Health Agency (UKHSA), Susan Hopkins, told what symptoms to look out for when infected with monkeypox.