Does Xiaomi know how to make good flagship vacuum cleaners without extra charge? We checked

Rating by FerraXiaomi Dreame V11Xiaomi smartphones are divided into “stuffed all the functions into this mobile,

more expensive MI-series, and"Most of the characteristics are maximum, but we have cut some of the parameters that are not important to anyone" - the cheaper "anti-crisis" Redmi. You may be surprised, but with Xiaomi vacuum cleaners the same picture - Roidmi as a more expensive series, and Dreame as anti-crisis models. And we tested the coolest model of these same "Redmi from vacuum cleaners" - Dreame V11.

Table of contents

  • Specifications
  • Dyson for the poor?
  • We read secret signs
  • We park and charge
  • We vacuum everything
  • Getting rid of garbage
  • My filter
  • We draw a conclusion

A cordless vacuum cleaner is more convenient than a wired one,vertical - usual, container - bag, and this is already an axiom. And how high-quality cleaning can a cordless hand-stick provide, and not tiresome to use it? It depends on the specific model, so you can't understand without testing. We have just a suitable model for testing - the “anti-crisis flagship” Xiaomi Dreame, in which, at least, the implementation should not be sad, as in the similarly priced (already a class lower due to extra charge) vacuum cleaners of leading brands of household appliances.

Well, let's arrange a “dream” (Dream in translation from English means exactly that) a test drive.