Draken refused to buy six more Dutch F-16 fighters - aircraft can go to Ukraine

Private American company Draken International refused to buy part of the Royal F-16 fighters

Air Force of the Netherlands. It is possible that they will go to Ukraine.

What is known

Draken signed a contract to buy 12F-16 fighters with an option for another 28 units. We recently wrote that the Netherlands changed its mind about selling 28 aircraft. Now it became known that the American company refused to purchase six more fighters.

This is stated in a letter to Parliament.Netherlands from Secretary of State for Defense Christophe van der Maat. Initially, Draken wanted to purchase up to 40 F-16 fighters for use in Navy and US Air Force exercises.

The agreement was terminated by mutual agreementsides. At the same time, the American company has not yet refused to buy the remaining six fourth-generation aircraft. Deliveries could start in 2024.