Drones have learned to dodge obstacles at high speed

To expand the capabilities of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), scientists and engineers

working on various solutions.Recently, a team of researchers developed an open source hardware and software model that promises to improve the maneuverability of quadcopters (drones powered by a four-rotor system). At the same time, the drone will be able to fly at a speed that is huge for quadrocopters – more than 64 km/h.

The model is called Agilicious, and the researchersclaim that it could make quadcopters more suitable for obstacle avoidance and trajectory tracking even at high speeds during their travels. Moreover, the model is useful both in real flights and in virtual simulations.

“By open source Agilicious, we provideresearch and industrial community access to a highly flexible, versatile and expandable quadcopter platform,” the researchers said.

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Scientific robotics

In their Agilicious platform, they usedadvanced onboard vision sensors, flight monitoring systems and other components. They eventually improved drone real-time perception, trajectory tracking, and flight planning skills.

In addition, the platform is also equipped with NVIDIAJetson TX2, a powerful and energy-saving artificial intelligence module that performs complex computational tasks to support its hardware functions.

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