Drop test Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Gorilla Glass Victus 2, what are you up to?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra became the first smartphone protected by Gorilla Glass Victus 2 glass (details). The main focus of Corning

made on resistance to falling on concrete withheight of one meter. But what really? PBKReviews now knows! The blog, known to our readers from the video with disassemblies, rolled out a video where they tested the Galaxy S23 Ultra in black for resistance to scratches, water and drops. The first two stages of the Korean flagship went well, and then ... Fiasco!

It is surprising that the Galaxy S23 Ultra gave up aftercontact on both front and back. It is noteworthy that his predecessors used to come out better from such tests, but here it must be borne in mind that the results in such random drop tests largely depend on the case. It would be interesting to see such a check using a special machine, but so far so. And most importantly, remember that the flagship smartphone is a high-tech device for shooting photos and videos, games and content, not for self-defense and not a bulletproof vest, so you need to handle it with care.

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    Sourced from PBK Reviews