DVR Gazer F725 and F730 - video recording + IT technology

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Today, car DVRs are gradually expanding their

functionality, thanks to the development of technology inall branches of electronics. Devices whose capabilities were limited to video recording, saving to a flash card and through a wired connection to a PC, transferring the captured video to a hard drive for further playback have long been outdated.

Gazer presented two revolutionary new products in Ukraine at once - Gazer F725 and Gazer F730

A specific feature of the recorders isunique OBD II connection. Thanks to OBD II switching, the DVR gets access to vehicle data with the ability to check for errors and monitor the system’s main indicators: current speed at the time of shooting, engine performance data, fuel supply, air pressure, cylinder response time, coolant temperature, engine running time, average speed, engine speed, on-board voltage and fuel consumption for one trip. All analytics and device settings fit into the new Gazer Dashcam IoV app for iOS and Android devices. View captured video data coordinates and location, auto diagnostics and much more is possible using the application. Due to the detailed scanning of the car, it is possible to quickly respond to all faults and promptly contact the service to correct the problem.

The first DVR with cloud storage

An unexpected novelty was cloud (positioned as a social network) and online access to all travel information. However, in contrast to GPS trackers, with the F725 and F730 it is possible to obtain detailed information not only about the route on the map, but also about the video at the time of the trip with reference to the map. Remote monitoring of data from the F725 and F730 has already established itself in the UK as a reliable corporate assistant for logistics companies, as well as taxi services. To date, the use of Gazer F725 and F730 recorders has solved more than two thousand controversial issues with insurance companies in Europe.

Modifications of the second generation

ADAS function in DVRs F725 and F730Received an upgrade to the second generation with intelligent features and customization through a mobile app. Now, when crossing the traffic lane, or rather, being on the lane for more than three seconds, the F725 and F730 warn the driver with a sound signal about the danger of the situation. Also, sound warnings start to work only when a certain speed is reached, by default it is 40 km / h.

Head-UP Display (HUD) with a projection on the windshield

Using a smartphone as a projector on the windshieldglass became possible with the HUD mode in the Gazer Dashcam IoV mobile app, designed specifically for the F725 and F730 devices. When placing your smartphone on the car dashboard, you can get all the information about speed, travel time, engine speed, average speed, distance traveled, engine temperature and fuel consumption.

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Information is transmitted by mirroring the image of your smartphone and reflecting it on the windshield. This function works when a recorder is connected via the optional ACG-OBD module.

Differences models

Gazer F730, unlike its younger modelF725, received additional features. For example, the ability to connect a second camera, which turns the device into a two-channel video recording system, an improved Sony sensor, an enhanced viewing angle, a remote control button and support for the Direct Wi-Fi function (3G / 4G operation on a mobile device when connected to the recorder via Wi-Fi connection ).

In more detail with all the functions of Gazer DVRs you can find on the official website of the company