Earth's core will soon be spinning in a different direction

The Earth's inner core, a hot iron ball the size of Pluto, has stopped spinning in the same

direction as the rest of the planet. This is reported by Agence France-Presse, citing a controversial study.

The Earth's core is about 5,000 km belowthe surface of the earth. This Pluto-sized object can rotate independently of the planet. In fact, it “floats freely” in the outer core of liquid metal. Scientists still don't know exactly how the inner core rotates. Many studies are considered controversial.

As part of a new study, scientists tracked the movement of the Earth's inner core by analyzing seismic waves from repeated earthquakes over the past six decades.

The experts concluded that it rotatesrelative to the surface of the Earth back and forth, "like a swing." At the same time, one oscillation cycle is about seven decades, that is, it changes direction approximately every 35 years.

According to preliminary estimates, the next “reversal” will occur in the mid-2040s.

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