Edictus, WonderBar and other new jailbreak tweaks

If you have a jailbreak device, then you are probably constantly looking for new ones.

jailbreak tweaks. We will help you with this.

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Below we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks that were released last week, and begin as usual with the best of them.

The best tweaks of the week


CaptureTheFlag is a tweak that is necessary for all iOS 13 users, because it protects the device from a new text bug, due to which the system crashes.



Not for the first time a bug fix is ​​available as a tweakbefore Apple releases the official one. And this is definitely not the last time. If you are concerned about your safety, then the tweak can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository.


Edictus - A new free tweak that allows you to create your own dynamic and live wallpapers for iPhone and iPad.

Dynamic wallpapers change automatically along with dark / light mode, and live wallpapers just move like Live Photo.

You can download the tweak from the Edictus repository.


Like the CaptureTheFlag tweak, Mailmend fixes an iOS issue that Apple has not yet fixed. In addition, users with a jailbreak patch will not be available, as they avoid system updates.

Read more about MailMend tweaks and where to download it from here.


Meteorite - A tweak that animates the weather app icon, displaying weather information on it. Apple should have made such a feature standard for a long time.

In addition, a tweak adds the same information to the status bar, right under the time. Thus, weather information will always be before your eyes.

You can download this jailbreak tweak from the qwertyuiop1379 repository.


Weatherground - A beautiful new tweak that changes the wallpaper of your iPhone to beautiful backgrounds from the Weather application. In addition, he adds weather information to the status bar.

You can completely replace the wallpaper with animations from the Weather, or add animation directly on top of the wallpaper. If you touch the time, you will also see information about the current weather.



Read more about WeatherGround tweak here.


Wonderbar Allows you to customize the elements of the status bar, including the charging icon and operator text.

Even if you do not need to change the operator text, the WonderBar tweak will allow you to change the charging icon as you like.

You can try it by downloading from the Chariz repository.

Other tweaks

April: Allows you to customize the lock screen (Daydream).

Blurground: Adds blur to iPhone lock screen (0ver $ shadowed).

Cut: Removes unnecessary white space from iMessage messages (qwertyuiop1379).

Graxon: Displays your latest notifications via Grupi (Packix).

iFlooder: Tweak for spam Messages (qwertyuiop1379).

InstagramPlus: Adds new features to Instagram (Packix).

iPadbarthirteen: Adds an iPad-style status bar to the iPhone without a notch on the screen (BigBoss).

iPXG: Adds gestures from the iPhone 11 and iPhone X Camera to devices with iOS 13.2 and later (Packix).

Keyboard Color: Changes the color of the keyboard on the iPhone (Packix).

Lastlook: Displays the Notification Center when locking iPhone (Packix).

LPMAutoLockTime: Select the time period after which a device with active power-saving mode is automatically locked (Packix).

No2Theft3: Protects iPhone from theft (Packix).

PurpleSwitcherLabels: Makes the text in the app switcher purple (CydiaGeek).

Statusbar Mix (Twickd): Changes the color of the status bar icons (Twickd).

StopCrashingPls: Solves most crashes with iOS 13 (Chariz).

ZebraSourceFix: Prevents Zebra tweak manager from intercepting links from Cydia and Sileo (nicho1asdev).