Engineers come up with a robot with magnetic tentacles: it passes through the narrow tubes of the lungs

The authors presented the concept of a robot with magnetic tentacles, it has a diameter of only 2 mm. It's about two

times the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. It has magnets on the outside that are used to guide the robot.

The device was developed by a team of engineers and scientistsfrom the STORM laboratory at the University of Leeds. They were among the first to test and use robotic systems to facilitate endoscopy and catheterization, a process where a thin tube is inserted into the body.

Researchers conducted laboratory tests withusing a three-dimensional copy of the bronchial tree, modeled on the basis of anatomical data. At the next stage, the authors are going to study the effectiveness of the device for navigating the real lungs of a deceased person.

According to the authors of the work, their robot with magnetictentacles are much more maneuverable than all modern devices for examining the lungs. It uses a robotic guidance system that is customized for each procedure.

A robot with a magnetic tentacle or a 2 mm catheter with an adjustable shape are important clinical tools in the research and treatment of cancer and other lung diseases.

Pietro Valdastri, professor and director of the STORM laboratory

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