Engineers have created a rover, capable of digging holes for the soil by turning the wheels

Now most of the planet rover, whose task is to collect soil samples from a small depth, are forced

collect it with tools that look like a scoop. This allows you to take the soil from a depth of not more than 4.5 cm.

Researchers have proposed to use for the fencesoil from a greater depth of the wheel apparatus. They created and tested a model of a rover, capable of creating wheeled trenches of different depths - up to 60 cm.

Earlier it was reported that the drill machine InSight notcould penetrate to a depth of more than 50 cm in the Martian soil due to the fact that the soil in this area is a solid layer of Durikrast about 20 cm thick, which consists of sand grains stuck together. The robotic arm of the machine will help to continue drilling.