Error on iOS 13: mobile traffic leak

For over a month now, one of the serious errors in iOS 13 has been ignored by Apple. Techno giant

He’s in no hurry to fix it, but meanwhile, users are accumulating complaints. If you aren’t in the know, it’s about constantly depleting mobile traffic.

Mobile Internet ends quickly

No matter how well designed the system is, it will definitely have errors. And when it is something as complex as the operating system, then usually there are a lot of them.

Although most errors cause minorinconvenience, others can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, the error with mobile traffic, which has been bothering iPhone users for several months, is just related to the second type.

This error causes iPhones to usecellular data continuously without any human intervention. This problem is not universal, and for those who experience it, the leak of mobile traffic occurs at different speeds. Users reported the issue on several websites and forums a few months ago shortly after the release of the iPhone 11 and iOS 13 generation.

There is currently no error in iOS 13fixed, continues to deplete the mobile data of users. Gordon Kelly from Forbes highlighted this issue and collected a huge number of user complaints. In all cases, the culprit is Uninstalled Applications, which you can find in Settings> Mobile Data. “Uninstalled applications” should display mobile data used by applications that you have already uninstalled from your phone, but apparently they do not work as intended.

In search of a fix, users triedalmost everything. From a complete reset of their phones to a simple reset of statistics, nothing can help those affected by the error. Remote applications continue to accumulate data. And although for some it is several kilobytes per day, or maybe several megabytes, for others it is hundreds of megabytes and even gigabytes.

One solution is to roll back to iOS 12.4.1, but that means you won’t be able to connect your new Apple Watch, because it requires iOS 13. Some users have come to the plan with a higher data limit so that they can still use their phone normally.

As expected, contacting supportApple, all the victims, and Gordon Kelly himself received the same answer: Apple knows about this problem and is working to resolve it. However, the company refuses to give an exact answer when the problem is resolved.

Users using the beta version of iOS 13.4, they are still experiencing data leakage, which means that either the problem is extremely difficult to solve, or Apple engineers have not yet determined what exactly causes it. Many iPhone users may not even suspect that their mobile traffic is leaking ...