Exhaust fumes cause pregnant women to harm their babies with their own cells

A new study by researchers at the University of California in mice shows how exposure

traffic-related air pollutants causes cellular changes in the placenta, which can lead to pregnancy complications and affect maternal and offspring health. Discuss

Researchers have found that cellularchanges caused by chronic exposure to air pollutants are associated with the activation of immunity under the influence of foreign substances entering the blood from the lungs. This immune response attacks some of the placental cells that are essential for maintaining the structure of the placenta and, most importantly, blood flow from the mother to the developing baby.

Although previous studies have analyzedeffects of air pollution on pregnancy, these studies did not use cell-specific methods and did not focus on molecular signatures of the placenta. This study is the first to evaluate how such exposure can adversely affect the placenta, leading to adverse pregnancy outcomes.

“The cellular changes we are seeing can becomemissing link between exposure to air pollutants and adverse pregnancy outcomes,” said Dr. Sherin Devaskar, lead author of the study.

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