Expert: the United States is setting up its European allies by supplying them with nuclear weapons

Military expert, captain 1st rank Konstantin Sivkov spoke about the fact that the United States is substituting its

European allies by supplying them with nuclear weapons.

According to the expert, the United States will supply Europe with nuclear weapons to contain Russia. Because it was in the opinion of the United States that the border between Russia and the West was formed in Europe.

The NATO countries, as you know, are controlled by Washington, therefore, despite the position in which they find themselves in the event of a war with Russia, the United States is hardly interested in this.

In addition, the States from 2023-24 will place inEurope's latest development is the B61-12 thermonuclear bombs, which will be carried by the B-2 Spirit strategic bombers and the promising B-21 Raider, as well as the F-35A, F-15E and F-16C / D, F / A-18 and Tornado Air Force USA and other NATO countries.

These bombs received JDAM homing systems,which made it possible to reduce as much as possible the evasion from the target to only 6 meters, and they become an excellent means for the targeted destruction of protected objects, with less ammunition consumption.

According to Konstantin Sivkov, the United States has already produced at least 480 units of the modernized B61, of which from 100 to 150 bombs are stored in underground warehouses in Europe.

Source: Star