Facebook may start releasing its own processors

Intel and Qualcomm dominate the processor market, however, some companies continue to try to make them

the competition.

Following Apple, Facebook Gathers a Teamto work on your own processors. According to Bloomberg, Facebook is hiring a team of processors to reduce its dependence on Intel and Qualcomm.



Processors can be used for servers inThe company's information centers, however, there are rumors that Facebook will use its processors in other smart devices. On new processors, system support for artificial intelligence can also work. Facebook is definitely not a newbie in this area.

There is also information about the smart column from Facebookcalled "Portal." The company will not use its processors for the column yet, as the team is still going, but in the future it is quite possible.

“Facebook is working on its smart column. In future generations of columns, the company's own processors can also be used. Using its processors, the company will be able to fully control production, as well as better coordinate system support with technology. ”

It does not look like anyone will soon be able to take the lead from Intel and Qualcomm, but if more companies follow Apple’s lead, the situation may change.