Facebook accidentally blocked some users due to Oculus headsets

As UploadVR reported yesterday, users complained that they were blocked for unclear reasons when

tried to set up Quest 2. For example, one on the Oculus subreddit described a situation where a user was banned after first creating a Facebook page and merging it with an existing Oculus account. “Within minutes of merging accounts and changing profile settings, my account was locked for no reason, turning Quest 2 into 'the new white paperweight,'” one of the victims told The Verge in an email. Other people on the subreddit confirmed the blocking of several more accounts.

Quest 2 is the first Oculus headset for whichRequires Facebook login, not separate Oculus account. Many existing customers have used Oculus accounts with previous headsets, and Quest needs to be merged to set up. And it was this process that turned into problems for some users. Oculus promised in a statement to UploadVR that it would not permanently disrupt access to purchased games. "Someone may temporarily face a content access issue if they have problems logging into Quest 2 with their Facebook account, but they will be able to access their content as soon as those login issues are resolved," said representative of the company.

New Oculus Buyers Who Are Alreadyactive Facebook users may face fewer problems as they are simply prompted to register with Facebook without having to merge any accounts.

Blocking was a known risk toOculus Quest 2. Facebook requires people to use their real names on the service and suspends accounts that it believes are inauthentic. It can recover them if users submit photos of their driver's license or other identification documents, but this process can be very slow.

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