Facebook will pay extra to users for viewing ads

Now Facebook is negotiating with dozens of the largest online stores on the possibility of receiving steyblokina

social network as a payment tool. The exact details of the negotiations are not disclosed, it is only known that some of the companies will be able to become investors of the new cryptocurrency ecosystem Libra from Facebook.

Steyblecoin from Facebook will be provided around $ 1billion, which the social network specifically for this attracted from Visa, Mastercard and payment operator First Data. This will allow Facebook to avoid sharp fluctuations in the course of its cryptocurrency.

The publication notes that in case Facebookwill be able to make the use of Libra massive, this cryptocurrency will be the first mass in the history of the economy. Details of the launch of the project are still unknown, as well as the timing.


At the same time, the sellers commissions in the Facebook payment system will be lower than the usual 2–3% bank cards. This could lead to a serious banking crisis throughout the world.