Facebook will release a tool to transfer files from social networks to Google Photos

In the near future, Facebook will allow users to massively export their media files to other platforms.

First, the company will integrate with Google Photos.

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New feature allows you to transfer your photosand videos from Facebook to other online platforms. This step is part of the Data Transfer Project, an agreement between Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter to simplify the transfer of data between services. Previously, all files had to be saved to disk first and only then downloaded to the desired site one at a time.

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Thus, Facebook prepares in advance forsigning a data portability law. This law is promoted by several US senators, its purpose is to force large companies to provide the ability to transfer their data from one platform to another. In addition, according to the latest amendments to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the ability to transfer information should also apply to other data, such as history, personal preferences, and more. The new rules will contribute to the demonopolization of the market, making life easier for smaller companies and users, as it will become easier for them to change one or another service.

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Last year, a similar function was announced by Facebook-owned Instagram social network.

Photo Transfer Toolkit Firstwill be available to users in Ireland and will then be released worldwide in the first half of 2020. To access the new feature, you need to go to the Facebook settings in the "Facebook Information" section.