Facebook will use its own OS for its products.

Now most companies continue to exploit the technologies that already exist, and which have behaved

But the big players are looking further and investing in technologies that will becomeFor example, Facebook is investing billions of dollars in specialized chips, neural interfaces, and a new mobile platform.The company considers the latter to be the fundamental basis for the future, and Zuckerberg sees the futureThis is exactly the direction that, in fact, solves theMost of the needs of users can be easily satisfied, and at a higher level of comfort and practicality.


When Facebook starts, it depends onshe doesn’t want anyone, because any addiction will pull back, can bring down, level all the advantages. The AR glasses that the company is developing should be free from any dependencies on third-party companies, and the main dependence now on Google, on its Android platform. Therefore, Facebook decided to create its own mobile platform. The development team has powerful professional teams, including a co-author of Windows NT. It is Mark Lukowski who will be responsible for creating his own OS. The OS will be developed from scratch, while the current social network applications for Android and iOS will not suffer, everything will remain available to users.

One of the top managers of the company said that theythey are preparing a comfortable place for themselves in the future, and competitors or even the market itself should not be trusted in this matter, everything should be done independently. Own OSes will give Facebook maximum freedom, with it the company will be able to integrate social network elements anywhere on its device. In this case, competitors will practically have no leverage. It is worth remembering how the head of Apple accused Zuckerberg of violating privacy and collecting data about his users.

The implementation of this project is integrala component of the appearance of truly comfortable FB AR glasses. Of course, Facebook is also considering a partnership with third-party developers, but a huge bet is precisely on its “axis”.

New building for developers

New mobile platform development teamalready found a place to place. This will be the corporation’s office in Burlingame, twenty kilometers from Cupertin’s headquarters. Insiders report that Facebook has built 6.5 thousand square meters of space for this business, which is enough for the comfortable work of four thousand employees. These employees will be busy only with new developments, this is a new OS, specialized chips, software products based on AI technology, including a new virtual assistant, as well as neural interfaces for reading thoughts. Nobody can say what will happen in reality, however, given the financial strength of Facebook, there is no doubt that the changes are immense

Employees will start moving aroundhalf a year. In addition, the source said that perhaps in this place the company will open a zone that will be free to visit, as in Silicon Valley. Anyone can come there to try some of the devices or software products - the same virtual reality or something that does not exist yet. The head of the AI ​​development department of the company, Jan Lekun, said that the immediate goal is to create truly useful, lightweight AR glasses.