Falcon Heavy rocket will launch a green fuel drone and a new atomic clock

During the launch, 24 devices of the joint mission STP-2 will be sent into orbit, DSAC atomic clocks for the future

navigation of ships during long-distance space flights, as well as the GPIM device running on non-toxic fuel.

The latter was developed by the US Air Force -Instead of hydrazine, it uses hydroxyl ammonium nitrate and an oxidizing agent. The new fuel is denser than hydrazine and 50% more efficient. “This means that with a smaller amount of fuel on board, the device can fly further,” the developers note.

This mission will be the first order for SpaceX from the US Department of Defense and the most difficult launch in the company's history, the report said.

Earlier, SpaceX dropped into the ocean attransportation to Florida, the first stage of the super-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket, which successfully launched the Arabsat-6A telecommunications satellite on April 12, after which it independently landed on the sea platform.