Faster than Android: Free Harmony OS Compiler

Huawei has developed its own mobile platform, which, however, can turn into

a truly vast ecosystem.The OS will run on a wide range of devices, including laptops, TVs and wearables. But it’s not enough to create an operating system; it’s very important to interest developers in writing applications for it, and with this the Chinese are not doing very well. It’s like a vicious circle: there is no desire to spend time developing applications for this OS, since it is unpopular, and it is unpopular because there are practically no applications for it.

The fastest compiler

To improve the situation somehow, the ChineseThe company has created its own application compiler, capable of quickly adapting android applications to the new OS. At the same time, the quality of the application does not deteriorate; developers will not have to cut down the functionality by a single character of the code during porting, moreover, write code from scratch. Huawei announced the two days that will be required to fully transfer the application, while the company promises an increase in the speed (speed) of programs by 60 percent or more.

To the whole world

Not only is Ark Compiler designed now itlaid out in open access with open source. Now, each developer will be able to optimize the software for themselves, and transfer all their applications from other mobile platforms to HarmonyOS. You can pick up the compiler from the official site, where you can also take detailed instructions for working with this useful tool. The developer claims that the speed of any ported application program will increase to 60 percent or more.

Of course, no automatic and instantYou should not expect a transfer, the developers have work to do, but Huawei guarantees that the transfer costs will be minimal, in any case, several times less than the transfer to other platforms. And you don’t have to disable anything in the application, all the subtle settings, all the unobvious functionality will work like on the Android platform, because the compiler provides maximum compatibility. You don’t need to globally change the application code; minor edits will be required. The compiler was represented by the vice president of the company. True, the compiler freely hung out for several days, after which the ability to download the source code was closed. The company claims that this is temporary, due to technical difficulties, did not expect such an influx.

Android alternative

What is a Harmony OS? This is a new mobile platform that has been developed behind the scenes for about 8 years. At first, this OS was known as Kirin OS, then there were rumors about Ark OS, the latest information was about HongMeng OS. And so, the company officially introduced Harmony OS, when due to some economic disagreements with the US government, it was necessary to finish the system at an accelerated pace to a working (commercial) state.

The developer positions the new OS as the basis fora vast ecosystem in which a variety of devices will operate, from computer technology to consumer electronics. In fact, the Chinese have created some kind of insurance in case of problems with Android. At the same time, transferring applications to this OS thanks to the new Ark Compiler will be quick and not expensive.

While this OS is installed on only one forma commercial product, this is a series of Honor smart TVs, but Harmony will soon extend to many products in the wearable electronics segment, to smart speakers, tablets and even laptops.