Feel like Thor: gameplay of VALHALL - an action game with Vikings from the Ukrainian studio Blackrose Arts

Developers from the Kyiv studio Blackrose Arts continue to develop their multiplayer action game VALHALL and told

about the new mode in the latest game trailer.

What is known

According to the developers, VALHALL is a slasherwith a deep melee combat system. In a new gameplay trailer, the authors of the project showed the Wield Mjolnir mode, in which players will take part in the test of Thor, the son of Odin.

According to the rules of the test, there are 25 players in the first stagewill fight for Mjolnir. The main goal is to score points and prevent other players from doing the same. The fighter who wins the first test will receive the hammer, but only for one minute, and the remaining participants can either fight each other or take Mjolnir. The player with the most points is the winner at the end of the match.

VALHALL is still in the testing stage,and before release there will be three modes - Wield Mjolnir (Wild Mjolnir), Battle Royale (battle royale) and Siege (Siege). The developers also plan to add RPG elements and a single-player mode to the game. In addition, Blackrose Arts wants to add story adventures, quests and survival. Before this, the developers want to polish the existing modes.

Blackrose Arts has launched a VALHALL page onSteam, where the game can be purchased for 329 hryvnia. The developers note that after purchase, gamers get instant access to early tests and the future full version of the game. In addition, the price will increase as development progresses, but for those who have already purchased the game, the price will remain unchanged.

The servers are open 24/7, so players can alreadycompete for the hammer in Wield Mjolnir mode. At the same time, the developers ask players not to share their opinions about the project publicly, but to write their wishes and criticism in Trello and Discord polls.

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