Figure of the day: How many fake chargers are sold in Russia?

40% of smartphone chargers on the Russian market are counterfeit

BrandMonitor has studied the Russian

market of chargers for smartphones and found out what is the share of counterfeit goods.

As it turned out, almost 40% of the Russian memory storage market isthese are fake devices. The volume of counterfeit sales reaches 10 billion rubles a year. Most of the fakes are sold in offline retail, but some are also sold through online platforms.

Researchers also found that fakechargers are two to three times cheaper than the original ones. By fakes, experts mean non-original products with an illegally applied manufacturer's trademark.

Large networks such as M.Video — Eldorado ”and“ Svyaznoy ”, said they were not interested in selling fake chargers. The expert also told Kommersant that BrandMonitor's estimates may be overestimated: the entire charger market in Russia most likely does not exceed 3.5 billion rubles. In his opinion, most of the counterfeits are Apple chargers.