First Ghost Recon Breakpoint estimates - Ubisoft follows in the footsteps of Electronic Arts

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has already reached the release. This time, both gamers and the press got early access, and already

told whether to buy a new Ubisoft project.

What they say

This time, the journalists are in no hurry to draw conclusions, andon Metacritic there were only three critique reviews. scored 85 points for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint, recording the benefits of the co-op environment of John Bernthal, who played the main villain and multiplayer modes. The list of minuses included artificial intelligence, linear narration and microtransactions.

Metro GameCentral’s stricterleaving a mark of 60 points. The journalist also liked the surroundings, local equipment and the combat system, but the plot and the game of the actors flew into the basket with minuses.

“Such a collection of great ideas from other Ubisoft open-world games that has a couple of its own ideas, as well as glitches and microtransactions,” - Metro GameCentral, 60 points.

At the same time, gamers did not like the game. The main complaints relate to optimization, plot and monetization. At the time of writing the news, the user rating is 3.1, and out of 212 reviews, only 58 are positive.

First estimates of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

  • - 85
  • Push Square - 60
  • Metro GameCentral - 60

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.