First reviews on OnePlus 7 Pro: possible problems

The new flagship OnePlus 7 Pro blew up the mobile community and caused a storm of positive emotions from

users and bloggers who receivedone of the first to receive a new product. But there are nuances that are already being reported by foreign media on the World Wide Web. Some OnePlus 7 Pro owners are complaining about phantom clicks on the display that they are not making. Let's figure out what to do in this situation right now.

Problems with OnePlus 7 Pro

The new OnePlus 7 Pro caused more emotions,of course, Amoled display. Not only is it huge and has no notches or other distinguishing factors, it also has a record refresh rate of 90 Hz. And this, by the way, is 50% more than that of a regular phone. The screen resolution is 1440 x 3120 and the aspect ratio is 19.5:9.

With all this, the problems with whichThe owners of the new product encountered problems that were related to the display. The essence of the problem is that the screen reacts, although in fact there are no clicks or other touches. Users call such clicks phantom. In other words, on the OnePlus 7 Pro display  various things can happen without any touch input or touch from the user. One of the owners notes that he noticed this unusual phenomenon in the Instagram and Twitter applications.

As it turned out later, this is a real And there is no mysticism here. The manufacturer itself is already aware of this situation and put this problem in the category of high priority. Some owners were able to replace their device with a new one, and someone could not achieve it and is waiting for the company to solve this bug.

Anyone who has run into the problem of unknowns.Clicking on the screen, it is recommended to report this to OnePlus on a separate web page. You can also watch a video showing phantom clicks.

Camera Reviews

Apart from complaints about the OnePlus 7 Pro's screen, someowners were also unhappy with the phone's rear camera. They promise to release a software update soon that will improve shooting results with the main camera. Additionally, the update will also include improvements to the HDR+ and Nightscape features. And speaking of the phone's camera system, it has also been discovered that the 3x optical zoom that OnePlus is promoting (it's still listed as such on the OnePlus website) is actually a 2.2x optical zoom with cropping used to provide a 3x effect.

Other problems

Also previously they wrote on the Internet about problems withmissed calls for OnePlus 7 Pro owners on Verizon. This is of little interest to us, but still the fact remains a fact. What's strange about this problem is that it only occurs on incoming calls from an Apple iPhone!