Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be released this year, but definitely not in the next couple of months

Huami, which produces Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets and Amazfit smart watches, held

quarterly earnings report and during it she chatted about the new Mi Band 4.

When released

According to Huami CFO David Tsui, the successor to the Mi Band 3 will definitely debut this year, but not in the coming months. That is, you shouldn’t expect a new product in March-April.

But perhaps the fourth generation of fitness bracelets will be released in May, exactly a year after Mi Band 3.

“After the launch of Mi Band 4, we expect the productwill sell well. Right now, Mi Band 3 is still on sale. Margins are not reduced, supplies are not reduced. Therefore, we will work with Xiaomi to choose the right time to launch Mi Band 4 this year,” said David Tsui.

What to expect

There is no information about the characteristics of the fitness tracker yet, but it will definitely be an affordable device with at least one new function.

Let us remember that at one time Xiaomi Mi Band 3 instantly became a sales hit and reached the million mark just 17 days after its release. In early November, deliveries had already exceeded 10 million units.

Do you know that

  • The most successful store on Aliexpress on sales Mi Band 3 sold them almost 120,000 pieces!
  • Mi Band 3 is produced by Huami, which has its own interesting Amazfit Band 2 bracelet with Russian language support
  • For Mi Band 3 you can buy 15 options for silicone straps, differing in color
  • For Mi Band 3, you can buy a silicone strap in the style of Apple Watch
  • Protective film for Mi Band 3 costs only 61 cents (and is delivered free of charge)