For beginner streamers: Twitch released Twitch Studio app

Since Twitch veterans go to Microsoft Mixer one by one, the company decided to get fresh blood with

Twitch Studio apps. This tool should greatly facilitate the work of beginner streamers.

How it works

Twitch Studio beta supports chatTwitch, custom overlays with many options for ready-made layouts and an alert system - for more convenient communication with your viewers. There is also a managed tuning feature with which all microphones, webcams, monitor resolution and bit rate are automatically adjusted to provide the best sound and display. The application can be downloaded on the official website, it will run on any PC with Windows 7 and above.

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This is a timely and important decision byTwitch, because the launch of the Google Stadia cloud platform with an integrated streaming service will soon take place, which may entice part of the audience. In addition, we must not forget about another competitor in the person of Microsoft Mixer. Several top Twitch streamers have already switched to it: someone because of an exclusive contract, and someone because of “weakly reasoned” bans and censorship.