The holidays are upon us in Fortnite: Epic Games has launched “Battle Lab” and “Winter Festival”

Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite that gives players a new outlet for creativity, as well as

launched a new event.

What added

Along with patch 11.31, the game will feature a “battle laboratory” where players can create an island and set their own rules on it. Thus, users were allowed to change the contents of chests, release bots onto the battlefield, creating combat scenarios, and invent new modes. For the latter, Epic Games introduced the parameters “Gravity” and “Fall Damage”.

You can invite up to 15 friends to your own islands or play with other players in the “Combat Laboratory”, but with default parameters.

With the arrival of the “battle laboratory” of Epic Gamesmoved the “Sandbox”, which is now in creative mode. To play a map in Creative mode with other players, users need to enter Creative matchmaking and select "Game" instead of "Create".

The developers have added a new testin “Frost Wars” called “Frozen Ground.” Completing the quest rewards you with the Tree of Light, a slow-moving, high-damage weapon that releases a burst of stunning light after eight hits. The challenge will be available starting December 19th.

Epic Games has also decided to do a crossover with Battle Breakers. Players who reach level 50 in Battle Breakers will receive Kurohomura for free.

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A tab will also appear on the main pagewith an image of a snowflake, following which players will get to the Winter Festival house. Every day for two weeks, users will be able to open a new gift in the house. So, inside there are two outfits, two hang gliders, two pickaxes, two wraps, one emote and more. In the house near the fireplace, players will also find a stocking containing a challenge with a reward.

Epic Games also decided to get nostalgic,adding old weapons to the game, as well as bringing back limited-time modes like Bounty, Arsenal, and many others. And during the holidays you will be able to fight in Zone Wars!

What corrected

The developers also improved the system partgames, improving performance and fixing bugs. In addition, Epic Games has closed testing of the beta version of DirectX 12. The developers disabled the setting as they collected the necessary information, but they promise to return the option in early 2020.

  • The construction and shooting button on mobile devices will no longer become unavailable when the hang glider's reopening button appears.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile users were unable to close the interface layout.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Edit" button appeared near the walls built by opponents.
  • Progress in the “Kill enemies without aiming” challenge is now counted correctly when jumping.
  • Fixed an issue where players with gamepads were unable to select the “Join Group” option in the “Teams to Join” section.
  • Item Shop timer no longer displays different values ​​than expected for different players.
  • Fixed bugs that worsened stability.
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