Found three liquid phases in aerosol particles

Earlier it became known that aerosol particles contain up to two liquid phases. Opening a new phase is important

to provide more accurate atmospheric models and climate predictions.

We have shown that some types of aerosolParticles in the atmosphere, such as those common in cities, can have three different liquid phases. These properties play a role in air quality and climate. We hope that these results will improve the models used in air quality and climate change policies.

Allan Bertram, Professor of the Department of Chemistry

Aerosol particles fill the atmosphere, thereforeair quality depends on them. These particles can absorb and reflect solar radiation, affecting the climate system. However, the principles of their behavior are still unknown.

To clarify information about the liquid phases, scientists injected into the particles, a solvatochromic dye that changes color depending on the polarity of its environment.

Такой метод широко используется в биологии и chemistry, it is not for characterizing the phase behavior of atmospheric aerosols. It is noteworthy that three different colors were observed in these particles, confirming the presence of three liquid phases.

Авторы сосредоточились на частицах, содержащих mixtures of lubricating oil from gas vehicles, oxidized organic material from burning fossil fuels and trees, and inorganic material from burning fossil fuels.

Depending on the properties of the lubricating oil and the oxidized organic material, different amounts of liquid phases appear, resulting in different effects on air quality and climate.

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