Four ways to avoid a heart attack

Many people die every year in the United States due to cardiovascular disease. In particular, as they say

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 40 seconds one person has a heart attack. Discuss

Dr. Baio Curry-Winchell, Director of Emergencymedical care and a doctor at Carbon Health and St. Mary's Hospital, told how you can reduce the risk of a heart attack. There are four ways.

  1. Passing an annual medical examination. The most susceptible to heart attacks are people withdiabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, overweight. Also at risk are those who abuse alcohol, smoke. At the same time, it is important to undergo a medical examination every year in order to be aware of the state of health.

  2. Active lifestyle. According to the doctor, even a simple daily walk can keep the heart healthy.

  1. Colored vegetables and fruits. Diet is essential for a healthy heartwhich will include multi-colored vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber. In addition, we must not forget about the use of proteins, whole grains.

  2. Paying attention to new symptoms. If you suddenly realize what you are experiencingdiscomfort in the chest, neck, back, it is difficult for you to breathe (you have shortness of breath), nausea, vomiting, or new symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, it is better to go to the doctor.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor's prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.