Latest details about Need for Speed ​​Heat: tuning, open world and Team system

Need for Speed: Heat will be released on consoles and personal computers on November 8th. Developers from Ghost Games have already shown

gamers have a little gameplay, and now we decided to share new details with VG247 journalists.

What is known

In Heat, gamers will not see “speed cards”which were one of the major shortcomings of Need for Speed: Payback. Now all improvements are earned in races, and the developers themselves want the player to feel like a mechanic. According to the classics, racers will be able to improve the speed, control, acceleration and other characteristics of the car. In addition, the developers have added a new element of customization - engine sound.

Players will also be able to choose their own avatar from 12 preset characters.

Players will have to ride around Palm CityCity, - English), which has become the virtual embodiment of Miami. In addition to the change of day and night, the developers have introduced dynamic weather and now sunny days will be replaced by tropical storms and rain. It is not yet known how much the weather will affect the gameplay, but players are guaranteed beautiful reflections in puddles.

At the same time, check-ins during the day and at nightwill be different. During daylight hours, the player will participate in legal competitions on designated tracks. As the sun sets, street racing becomes illegal, enforced by the police.

First 10 minutes of Need for Speed: Heat:

In addition to the single player campaign in Need for Speed:Heat will also have multiplayer. To unite players, the developers added a “Teams” system. In the early stages, gamers will be automatically thrown into the starting squad, where they can find friends or rivals.

According to game producer Danny Isaac, this should increase player engagement, as racing sports cars is more fun with a group. In addition, team members receive bonuses.