Game Porting Toolkit is Apple's new Mac porting tool, similar to Proton on Steam Deck

At WWDS, Apple introduced a bunch of stuff, including the Game Porting Toolkit, which is a Proton like on Steam Deck, only from

Apple and Mac. Thanks to the Game Porting Toolkit, developers will be able to port games from Windows to Mac much easier and faster.

What is known

Apple's Game Porting Toolkit is based onbased on the source code of CrossOver, a solution that Wine uses to run Windows games on macOS. This tool quickly converts Windows games to run on macOS, allowing developers to test an unmodified version of a game on a Mac before committing to a full port.

Mac games have long lagged behind their options forPC, with the exception of a few recent ports like Resident Evil Village and No Man's Sky. However, the new Game Porting Toolkit could change that by allowing more Windows games to run on macOS.

“The new Game Porting Toolkit creates an emulationenvironment to run your existing unmodified Windows game, and you can use it to quickly evaluate the graphical features and performance of the game on Mac,” explained Aiswariya Sreenivassan, head of GPU and graphics engineering at Apple, during WWDC.

If Apple continues this work on its leveltranslation, perhaps one day it will be enough for end users to run Windows games on macOS just like they do on Steam Deck. That dream is still a long way off, but this week Apple showed that it could eventually become a reality.