Garageband not working in iOS 11? Here's how to fix it.

Since the release of iOS 11, many users have complained that the GarageBand app crashes immediately after launching or does not

opens at all. This is a very serious problem for those who use it frequently. Fortunately, Apple is already aware of the problem and is “engaged in finding a solution.”

According to Apple, the problem is in iCloud. If you disable the service, all errors should disappear. So if you really need to use the GarageBand application, you can disable iCloud as a temporary solution. Later, Apple will release an update in which the problem will be fixed.



How to solve problems withGarageband ViOSeleven

Step 1:OpenSettingsand click on your name at the very top.

Step2:Go toiCloud.

Step 3:In the Programs using iCloud section, find GarageBand and turn off the switch.

GarageBand should now launchno problem. Since you disabled iCloud for it, you won’t be able to access songs stored in iCloud Drive, and all new songs will be saved on your device, not in the cloud. This is the only solution until Apple fixes the problem in the next update. It appears that on iOS 11.1 beta 3 the error is still present. Apple may also release an update to the GarageBand app itself as a solution.

We will let you know when Apple releases an update to resolve this issue.

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