Gesto, Pip, Sakal and other new jailbreak tweaks

In this article, for the last time in 2019, we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks that have been released in the past.

a week. As always, let's start with the best of them.

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The best tweaks of the week

Gesto for iOS 13

We all use the application switch and Control Center on the iPhone very often. Wouldn't it be more convenient to combine them into one screen?

Now it's possible thanks to the new jailbreak tweak Gesto for iOS 13, which combines the application switch and Control Center in iOS 13. It also contains many customizable options so that you can customize it for yourself.



In addition, this tweak is available for older versions of iOS.


The night mode on the Apple Watch is especially goodLooks with a charging stand by the bed. When the watch detects your presence (by movement or touch), it displays the time and level of charge, as well as new notifications.

This is one of the best features of the Apple Watch, and it’s strange why the same is not on the iPhone. Fortunately, a new tweak Pip will help change that. It adds night mode with the Apple Watch in iOS.

You can read more about the work of Pip tweak in our full review.


If you have an alarm clock every morning so as not to oversleep, you will like the new jailbreak tweak Sakal.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the tweak displays when the next alarm rings, on the lock screen. Now you will never doubt that you forgot to set the alarm.


With the new jailbreak tweak Watchsounds This is the first time you can change notification sounds and vibration patterns on your Apple Watch.

Tweak allows you to change the standard notification sounds to something new. Unfortunately, you cannot upload your sounds, but many different options are available.

Read more about WatchSounds tweaks here.

Other tweaks

Cat: Leaves keyboard sounds even in silent mode (shymemoriees).

Darkbadges: Makes notification stickers black (CydiaGeek).

Dockify: Allows you to customize the Dock (burrit0z).

iFaded: Adds an app switcher from iPhone to iPad (Twickd).

Lq 2019 Bundle: A selection of tweaks from LaughingQuoll 2019 (Packix).

Messages: Adds a progress indicator to Messages (BigBoss).

NoFlashlightQuickButton: Removes the flashlight icon from the lock screen (CydiaGeek).

NoQuickActionButtons: Removes the quick action icon from the lock screen (BigBoss).

QQ Purification: Improved features for QQ application (BigBoss).

RouteFakerX: Allows fake location in any application (BigBoss).