Gigantic hornets flying from Asia tear off the heads of American bees

The first "bee cemeteries" were discovered in Washington state. Local beekeepers simply missed

insects in their apiaries and then foundmany dead insects. Everyone had their heads torn off. Entomologists have discovered that giant hornets are massive killers. According to scientists, for the first time in American lands, these insects were spotted in December 2019. Then they wintered and now actively form colonies and build nests. In the same period, around April-May, hornets queens wake up, which means they need food.

According to one version, the hornets came to the USA together during cargo transportation from Asia. Some experts believe that this was even done intentionally. True, for what purpose, they are at a loss to answer.

However, entomologists warn. Major destruction is still to be expected. Hornets are most aggressive in late summer and early fall. Then the queens are in dire need of protein, which means there will be more attacks on honey bee hives.

"Hornets attack hives, kill adult bees anddevour larvae and pupae, ”says Seth Trascott, a scientist at the University of Washington's College of Agricultural, Humanitarian and Natural Sciences.

Scientists are already fighting proliferationhornets. If dangerous insects penetrate the rest of the states, they will be able to establish a sufficiently strong dominance among insects. This means that beekeeping, for example, may come to an end.

“If we can’t stop the hornets in the coming years, this probably will never be possible,” said Chris Looney, an entomologist at the Washington State Department of Agriculture.