GitHub has replaced the term "master" with a neutral equivalent

All new source code repositories created on GitHub are now referred to as "master". This change is due

in order to avoid references to slavetimes in America. GitHub has become one of many IT companies and open source projects that have spoken out in recent years in favor of avoiding various terms that could be construed as offensive from the perspective of black developers.

Changes like this usually include a waiverfrom using the terms master and slave ("master" and "slave") in favor of such alternatives as main, default, primary. Also, the well-established concepts of whitelist and blacklist, that is, "black list" and "white list", are replaced by neutral allow list and deny / exclude list ("list of permissions" and "list of prohibitions / exclusions").

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Following the death of George Floyd and the Black protestsLives Matter earlier this year, tech companies showed their support for the protesters and dropped the terms "master", "slave", "blacklist" and "whitelist".

Open source companies and large projectscode such as Microsoft, IBM, Twitter, Red Hat, MySQL, the Linux kernel, and OpenBSD have agreed to make changes to their technical lexicon during the summer of 2020. GitHub was one of the first companies to support these changes.

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