Global crash occurred in Mozilla Firefox browser: what to do with it (updated)

If you log in to Mozilla Firefox today, and everything is littered with ads, the VPN does not work and all extensions disappear -

Do not rush to panic, such a story with all users.

What happened

Browser crash is due to prematureexpiration of the certificate for the formation of digital signatures. In theory, the certificate should have been renewed a week ago, but this did not happen. Most likely, this is due to the transition of the desktop version of Mozilla Firefox to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time scale.

As a result, at exactly 0 hours UTC in the browserextensions have stopped working - all their system is mistakenly recognized as obsolete. Users see a message stating that the extension "cannot be checked for use in Firefox and has been disabled."

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What to do

Reinstall the extension does not work (tried - we know). So you have to wait until the developers fix this problem. Fortunately, they are already working on it.

"We regret that there is currentlyA problem that prevents existing and new extensions from being launched or installed in Firefox. We know what the problem is, and we make every effort to restore this functionality in Firefox as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updates through our Twitter feeds. Please be patient while we fix the problem, ”a Mozilla spokesman said.

But if you can not wait - downloadnecessary settings manually. True, this will only work in the version of Firefox Developer or Nightly. To do this, go to the about: config section and set the xpinstall.signatures.required parameter to False. In other versions, you will have to manually upload .xpi files for each of the extensions, and do this each time you open the browser.

Update. Firefox team reports problemeliminated, fixed the error. Users do not need to do anything for this - the update occurred in the background. Extensions are reinstalled automatically.