Google: All products use recycled materials

According to Google Development Manager David Bourne, all new Pixel and Nest products are now created from

recycled materials. This does not mean that its products are completely made from recycled materials, but at least they include recycled materials.

Pixel 5 back cover according to Googleis made from 100% recycled aluminum and the new Nest Audio is 70% recycled plastic with a cloth cover introduced with the Nest Mini last year. On the newest Nest thermostat, the decorative panel (the part that attaches to the wall) is made from recycled plastic.

In September, Google announced that by 2030 there will beoperate without carbon emissions. Now, the carbon dioxide emissions the company is implicated in burning fossil fuels are offset by Google's investment in renewable energy and other initiatives.

The company also announced today that it is committed touse recycled or renewable materials in at least 50 percent of all plastic used in all of its hardware products by 2025. Also, by 2025, Google promises to make its packaging 100% free of plastic, using only recycled material. “We have already reduced the use of plastic in our packaging since 2016, but we have a lot of hard work to achieve to achieve this new goal,” Bourne said.

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