Google started to block manual installation of branded apps on Huawei smartphones with Kirin chip, but this is not certain (updated)

Despite the fact that Google has banned the installation of its proprietary applications on Huawei smartphones, craftsmen are all

they also found ways to manually add them to devices. But it seems that soon this opportunity will be closed.

What is known

A Reddit forum user posted a post inwho said that he tried to manually install the APK file of the new version of Google Maps on his Huawei smartphone. Unfortunately, he failed to do this. The device gave an error that the application is incompatible with the device processor. This problem, he said, appeared on the Huawei P40, Huawei P30 and Huawei P20 models. At the same time, the user managed to install an older version of the program.

Looks like Google started blocking their programson smartphones with a Kirin chip, but this limitation does not work for everyone. Perhaps the company is just testing it. In any case, we will keep you informed.

Updated 1: the post was deleted by the forum moderators. Perhaps it was a fake.

Updated 2: Huawei has released an official statement on this matter.

Huawei always supports customers and their rightsuse smartphones and other products of their choice; and the right to access information and usability. Huawei testers daily check the operation of the proprietary Emotion UI and the correctness of the operation of applications, including proprietary Google applications. After the statement appeared in the media, the operation of the applications was additionally checked. Everything is working normally. Huawei continues to strive to provide the best products and user experience for consumers.

Source: MyDrivers

Photo: 9to5Google

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