Google continues to use sweet names for Android: Android 11 named after a cake

Despite the fact that together with Android 10, new versions of the operating system were no longer named after sweets,

inside Google they still use codenames.

Delicious for Android

On the All About Android podcast, VPAndroid division David Burke admitted that employees still use unofficial "sweet" names. So, Android 11 was codenamed Red Velvet Cake (Red Velvet cake). And Android 10 was internally named Quince Tart in honor of the pie.

However, there are more sweets in the official namesno and never will be - only numbers. The fact is that the names of desserts are not clear to all users, and some sweets are not so popular in some countries.

Also, David Burke hinted that Google still has a few surprises left with Android 11, so we will wait for several new features in the release.

Source: All About Android

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