Google to build artificial intelligence microscope for cancer diagnosis

Google has signed a contract with the Defense Innovation Division of the US Department of Defense, under which

will improve the diagnosis of cancer. To do this, the company will create a microscope with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

It is reported that about 5% of diagnoses are now madewrong. To solve this problem, Google plans to train AI to detect cancer cells in microscope photos. The company has already started developing a corresponding neural network.

Once the AI ​​is ready, Google will create its own augmented reality microscope. With its help, doctors will see information about which cells can be cancerous.

Google noted that speed and accuracyare critical in cancer treatment. The company hopes its technology will help save the lives of many Americans. It should be noted that the first batch of microscopes will be used only for research, and not for real mass diagnostics.