Google also started selling refurbished devices

Google began selling refurbished devices in its online store.

What it is


used gadgets that for any reason returned to the manufacturer. It can be minor malfunctions, or the device was exchanged for a new one as part of the trade-in program.

They repair it at the factory, reassemble it,change the case and battery and test it thoroughly. If the gadget works well - it is packed in a box with new accessories and sent for sale with a reduced price tag.

“Renovated and ready to go. Welcome to a certified refurbished program. Each product has the same high standards and rigorous testing of any device named Google, ”the company’s website says.

This practice is common at Apple, and refurbished iPhones are in high demand.

What is offered

So far, there are only two products in the restored devices section of Google: a Pixelbook and a set of Google Wifi routers (3 ‑ Pack).

The new Pixelbook is offered as standard for $ 1,000, and a refurbished one for $ 750.

For a new set of routers you will have to pay $ 260, while a restored one will cost $ 180.

Refurbished devices are sold with a one-year warranty.