Google and CERN released AR-application: now everyone can see the Big Bang (well, almost)

Google and the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN have announced the Big Bang AR app.

telling about the origin and development of the Universe. The action takes place in augmented reality, and the voiceover is narrated by British actress Tilda Swinton.

How it works?

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In Big Bang AR you can see the Big Bang itself,the formation of the first stars, the solar system and our planet. Turning the smartphone, the user sees the full picture of what is happening. Sometimes the application offers to touch the elements on the screen to learn more about them. In some places the camera is involved. For example, to launch a virtual Big Bang, it is enough to catch a hand in a frame, squeeze it into a fist, and then slowly open your palm. The journey through 13.8 billion years is divided into five chapters describing the key stages. Another interesting feature is the "cosmic" selfie against the background of stars:

The application is already available for download on Google.Play and App Store. The interface is only in English, but in the future there may be support for other languages. On Android, you need to install the ARCore core before downloading, and not all devices support the Google Augmented Reality platform. The iOS version of Big Bang AR works on iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, iPad (2017) and newer models.

What else?

An interactive guide is part of a new one.exhibition Google Arts and Culture called Once Upon a Try. It is dedicated to the greatest inventions and scientific discoveries. On the project page you can learn interesting facts about the Large Hadron Collider, delve into the huge NASA photo archive and read about the technologies of the future.