Google asks users to update Chrome urgently

Google experts have discovered a serious vulnerability in the Chrome browser that allows hackers access

to confidential information. To avoid this, users are advised to update the application.

What found

As it turned out, the vulnerability was discovered at the end ofFebruary. This is a hole in the FileReader package that allowed sites to bypass sandbox restrictions and read data from the device's memory, as well as download malware and create another account with the same administrator rights. Even after forced closure, the sites retained access to the internal memory.

At the same time, the vulnerability in Chrome was present on all platforms: from Android and iOS to macOS, Linux and Windows.

What to do

To prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal data, Google advises updating your browser as soon as possible. The update has already been released, on March 1st.

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Mostly Chrome updates itself, but someAuto-update is disabled for users. Therefore, it is better to check for patches and install them. For stable and secure operation, the application version must be no lower than 72.0.3626.121.