Google CHIPS are back! Pixel 7 treat promo raffle

Last year, Google released the first generation of the Tensor chipset, and one of the stages of its promotion was

a special batch of Google Original Chips.Goodness Corporation decided to repeat this promotion and is preparing to raffle off 2000 packs of chips among fans in Japan. Applications are accepted on the local website from September 13 to September 23, yummy treats will be drawn in two stages: in late September and early October. They made four flavors in total - cheese, pepper, onion and salted lemon (?), each corresponding to a specific coloring of the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. In the same place, the company promises that Tensor G2 will be faster, safer and with better photo and video quality. The official presentation will take place on October 6th.

    © Artur Luchkin.

    According to Google