Google has tripled rewards for vulnerabilities found in Chrome

Google has increased payments to developers for found vulnerabilities. Payment amounts increased by 2–3


How much and what do they pay for?

The amount of the incentive depends on the amount of work done, the criticality of the vulnerability found and the quality of the report completed.
So, the maximum payment amount per reportabout a typical vulnerability is now $15 thousand. Previously, they paid three times less—$5 thousand. For a detailed report with an example of software that uses the vulnerability, they will pay up to $30 thousand (previously - up to $15 thousand).

Maximum reward you can getfor vulnerabilities that could compromise a Chromebook or Chromebox in guest mode via Chrome OS. Previously, they paid $100 thousand for them, now they pay $150 thousand.

Recall that Google launched the programrewards for found vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome Vulnerability Rewards Program in 2010. Since then, the company has received 8.5 thousand reports of bugs and paid out more than $5 million for them.