Google introduced Pixel 4, Pixel Buds 2, Pixelbook Go, Nest Mini speaker

Of course, the main product was the fourth generation Pixel smartphones, but the company showed a number more

interesting devices, which we will briefly talk about

Pixel buds

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The second generation of headphones completelywireless, unlike previous Pixel Buds, where there was a short, but still wire. As we know, Google smartphones do not have an analog mini-jack jack for regular headphones, so wireless ones will come in handy. Autonomy is five hours, and if you use the case, then all 24 hours, support the work with Google Assistant.

The developer said that the headphones holdpairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth at a greater distance than the previous generation. In an open space, communication is maintained for 90 meters, and three walls break through the room. There is a sensitive directional microphone so that the voice is fed into the system without extraneous noise. The new model received improved noise reduction. The headphone price is $ 179, will be available next spring.

Google stadia

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In addition to hardware products, the company introducedand service - cloud games. The platform in the States starts in November, at the same time the service starts in some European countries and Canada. The service works through Chrome, via the Chromecast TV box, as well as on branded smartphones. But this is for now, further device support will only expand. The preliminary subscription price is $ 10 per month for unlimited access to all games and all capacities in standard resolution.

Pixelbook go

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The new Pixelbook Go is also introduced.which is a new generation of Chromebooks. The device received a screen with a diagonal of 13.3 ", the initial configuration on board has a processor of the mobile category Core m3. Also, older versions will use Core i7 processors. RAM maximum 16 gigabytes, 256 gigabyte drive. The case is made of corrugated metal, the laptop turned out to be thin and light. The price starts at 650 dollars.

Nest mini

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Smart speakers have won over the last couple of yearsthe hearts of millions of users, including thanks to Google Home. This time the company introduced the Nest Mini model, which is easily mounted on the wall. Of the differences with the previous generation - an additional microphone to improve the function of recognizing the owner’s voice in the background noise (company, TV and so on). The column received a processor with AI technology, which is able to process speech locally, sending less data for processing to the Google Assistant server. According to the manufacturer, this gives serious acceleration in interaction with a virtual assistant. In addition, the speaker received a more powerful subwoofer. The price tag on the column is 50 dollars.

Pixel 4

Here from innovations the special Soli sensor whichrecognizes the user's face faster than anyone on the market. He is paired with Motion Sense, which prepares the system for unlocking when it determines that the user lifts the smartphone to the height of the face. As soon as the scanner recognizes the owner, the system is already unlocked. Motion Sense also allows you to interact with your smartphone without touching the screen. Moreover, these are not only hand gestures or wave of a smartphone, you can not pick it up at all, just do gestures with your fingers. A convenient feature for those who have wet hands at the moment (washing dishes, you need to answer the call). While cooking, you can change the player’s composition and, in general, control it as usual through the touch screen. Active Edge is also present, compressing the smartphone, the user activates the assistant.

Base and enlarged models got the tophardware, this is the Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6 gigabytes of RAM, 128 gigabytes of storage, a battery for 2800 or 3700 mAh. Their new one - OLED matrix now has a frequency of 90 hertz, great news for fans of mobile games, dynamic scenes will be smoother. There is also a new voice recorder that can work with voices locally, that is, on the fly - translate into other languages ​​or in text format. As expected, the main camera became dual-module, the second module received a 16 megapixel sensor and telephoto optics with x8 zoom. Live HDR + allows on-the-fly viewing the frames that are obtained, changing the settings. The Night Sight mode has improved, now you can take pictures of the starry sky. The price tag starts at $ 800.

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