Google is preparing its own debit card

The technology and Internet giant has many areas of activity, but in the world of financial services

he hasn’t yet turned around, although rumor has it that,in addition to the Google Pay gateway service, the number one search engine in the world is going to issue another product that is more like a financial product, not IT - it's its own debit card.

According to recent leaks in the faceGoogle's debit card images, the company is going to compete with the Apple Card. Information from TechCrunch (images and an accompanying explanation there) says that real debit plastic for Google Pay will appear in the near future.

More than a bank account

A source says that Google plans to createand offer users almost real bank accounts that allow you to perform all standard financial transactions: pay for purchases with a new Google card, which the corporation prepares together with Visa, from one account to another, or pay contactlessly using a smartphone where this is supported.

That is, soon Google Pay will no longer be justan intermediary digital server or a gateway between users and their bank cards or bank accounts, now it will become a full-fledged financial instrument, honed over the years of use. In this case, the Google account will be more than a mail or bank.

It is also reported that the new accountspread to a new mobile application like mobile banking. There will be standard functions such as monitoring purchases, expenses and receipts, money transfers, the ability to block cards and so on. But, Google will not work alone, there is already information about cooperation with Credit Union, as well as CITI.

Images with screenshots of the application are also inmessage. They display the balance of the Googel account, as well as several recent operations. Also on the screenshots there is a page where purchases are displayed with data on the time, place and amount of the purchase. At the same time, the information indicates the telephone number of the outlet where the purchase was made, which is useful in case of problems or questions about the product.

TechCrunch has made a request to Google aboutplans for this. The IT giant did not dispute the truth of the leaks. So, perhaps, in the near future we are waiting for the announcement of a real plastic debit card from Google, which can be used in offline stores without a smartphone. Maybe this will happen during Google I / O, and before this event there is not much time left.

However, now it’s such a time that presenting something physical is not a good idea, anyway, we all sit at home without the opportunity to attend any events except medical procedures.