Google's artificial intelligence turns sign language into speech

Google said it made it possible to read sign language “out loud”.

The company has not yet made its own

app, however, has published algorithms that they hope will be used by third-party developers.

Hearing impaired employees of the company joyfully accepted the news, but assured that the software would need to be seriously modified to completely capture conversations.

On their AI blog, Google researchers Valentin Bazarevsky and Fan Tskang assured that the goal of this free-spread technology is to create a basis for understanding sign language.

“We look forward to seeing what people can come up with. For our part, we will continue to develop the technology, improving all its aspects, ”say the authors of the Google project.

The very principle of operation of such a softwareensuring is the recognition of the palm, the creation of certain points on its entire surface and on the fingers, and then the pattern of the points is processed by AI. After transforming the sign language into a text language, the text-to-speech technology comes into play.

Source:AI blog