Hack Apple - Get a Million Dollars

It's always nice when you get paid for what you love to do, when your hobby turns into

a highly paid profession.If you have hacking skills, we advise you to take a closer look at the Apple program, which has recently undergone significant changes. The company has launched an expansion of the program, which will increase the reward amount to up to a million dollars. To do this, you just need to find an error in the program code of Apple products; simply put, try to hack Apple programs. Vulnerabilities found in macOS, tvOS systems, as well as for watchOS watches and iCloud cloud service software are paid for. The reward amount has been increased to one million dollars.

Smartphones will give out

The company also providesparticipants who will try the software products, special versions of the iPhone. This is one of the provided tools to help you find any serious vulnerabilities. This is a necessary measure for the company, this cleans the system, increases security. Holes and vulnerabilities are discovered earlier than not very clean hackers learn about them. Now a researcher who discovers a vulnerability in the security systems of any system other than iOS can receive a reward of 200 thousand dollars. The same amount will be paid to the researcher if he finds a vulnerability in the iOS system. If the researcher is able to detect a vulnerability that could potentially provide an attacker with full access to iPhone, iPad data or gain control over it, then he can expect a reward of $ 1 million. There is only a nuance, the vulnerability should provide access without physically hacking the device, that is, remotely. If the vulnerability provides an opportunity to steal user data, then for the discovery of such a researcher receives half a million dollars.

Such an expansion on payouts Apple wasforced to announce. The fact is that more or less smart and capable hackers are already being lured by other companies specializing in vulnerability search. They pay employees more, and they sell all the vulnerabilities found to the companies themselves expensively, or negotiate with various interested organizations (of course, to sell information about vulnerabilities and how to use them). Earlier, one of the researchers discovered a vulnerability in the macOS security system through which attackers received all passwords. So, Apple did not receive information on this vulnerability, since this OS was not in the program, respectively. No money was paid for her. This time, Apple is trying to be more generous.