Hackers hacked OnePlus website and stole user personal data

OnePlus announces that it has found a vulnerability that allowed attackers to take over some

personal data of users.

What happened

The hackers targeted the OnePlus online store. As a result, they gained access to past customer orders. These are customer names, email addresses, contact numbers and shipping addresses.

OnePlus representatives emphasize that payment information, passwords and customer accounts remain secure. That is, the data obtained can be used, for example, to send spam.

The company does not specify how many users were affected by this incident.

What now

OnePlus apologized for the incident. Relevant notifications have already been sent to affected users. The vulnerability has also been fixed.

“We have carefully reviewed our website to ensureensure that there are no similar security flaws. We have taken immediate steps to stop attackers and strengthen security by ensuring there are no such vulnerabilities,” OnePlus said in a statement.

By the way, this is not the first time that a data leak has occurred with OnePlus: at the beginning of last year it became known that hackers had obtained the bank card data of 40 thousand of the company’s clients.

Source: OnePlus 1, 2